Mr. Horsepower

The “Clay Smith Engineering, Inc."Mr. Horsepower” legacy began in the early 1930’s with camshafts that were literally hand-ground by clay Smith to high performance specifications.  His technical expertise was recognized by the industry and racers were mesmerized by the overall performance of his products.  Although he specialized in camshafts, his high performance engines were setting world speed records.  He raced Joe Guess’s Hydro boat and during this time a friend of theirs drew a characterization of Clay Smith – which is the now the very famous “Mr. Horsepower Logo”

Clay Smith Engineering Company was founded in the late 40’s.  Since that time, the company has strived to maintain the standards set up by Clay himself.  Throughout the years, Clay Smith Engineering, Inc has continued to push the boundaries of engine performance through constant research and development.  Following the death of Clay Smith in 1954, “Red “Wilson took over the reigns, and then in the 70’s, George “Honker” Striegel took on the challenge.


            “Honker” had a reputation of his own in the racing industry, setting numerous records in the Super Stock classes in drag racing and then with the ever famous Henry J (Henry Honker).  He also experienced great success in boat racing where he won numerous world champion ships and was the first driver to win the APBA Triple Crown with his competition jet (American Revolution).  George’s high performance engines are in great demand and he has established himself as a competitor in the high performance world continuing the legacy of Clay Smith by always building a high quality product and proudly displaying the now famous “Mr Horsepower Woodpecker”.

            In the 70’s we used to give away a T-shirt for every camshaft that was ordered.  However, in the early 80’s George’s daughter (Sherry) joined the firm and started the now very famous Clay Smith Cams/ Mr. Horsepower Apparel line of clothing.  It started off with a few different designs of the Mr Horsepower Logo and turned into a complete line of Apparel and Accessories. Joining her to assist in taking this company to the next level was her Son (Nicolas) in 2005 and then in 2010 her daughter (Trayce) joined the team. This Family Team and our other staff members pride themselves on providing customer satisfaction, a quality product, and timely delivery.